September 16, 2020

Put your Taste Buds on Full Alert

Wilson is known for its mouthwatering food and enormous portion sizes. There are many restaurants in Wilson that top the charts in terms of quality and customer service.

Wilson’s most popular restaurants vary in type, and it is hard to say precisely what food type Wilson is known for. Burgers and BBQ in Wilson are always a local favorite, and there are a plethora of restaurants to choose from that fit this mold.

Wilson’s growing, diverse population has opened the door for ample restaurants with colorful backgrounds. Wilson is now host to amazing Latin and Asian inspired restaurants with fabulous, high-quality dishes.

Southern comfort food is also a crowd favorite in town. Succulent fried chicken and mouthwatering sides will have you craving more after every visit.

Here are some restaurants you can’t miss:

1. Parker’s Barbecue

As I previously stated, Wilson has some fantastic BBQ and comfort food. Parker’s combines these for a top-quality North Carolina experience.

The BBQ is incredible. Pork, slow cooked to perfection, then smothered in homemade vinegar-based BBQ sauce. Can anything be better? I’m a big NC BBQ fan, and Parker’s does it right.

The only thing better than their incredible NC BBQ is their finger-licking chicken. Their chicken, whether BBQ or fried, is about as it gets.

If you have ever driven by Parker’s, you probably figured their food was pretty good by the line out the door. With over 2,700 great reviews, Parker’s BBQ is a pretty easy choice to claim a spot as one of the best restaurants in Wilson, NC.

2. La Rancherita Grill and Tequila Bar

There are multiple great Mexican restaurants in the Wilson area; however, La Rancherita rises to the top in terms of food quality and service.

With multiple locations scattered around The Triangle, La Rancherita has a unique formula for success. Their freshly made guacamole and salsas are the perfect way to start any meal, and their entree portion sizes are massive!

I love my beer, but every once in a while I need a cold, salt-lined margarita to stay in touch with my feminine side. La Rancherita’s “margs” (as I like to call them) are incredible. Be careful though, any more than one, and you should probably be Ubering home.

I’m a big fan of their fajitas, and my wife loves their burritos. With that being said, my plate is typically licked clean no matter what I order. Their food is delicious!

3. Varee Asian Cafe & Bakery

Varee is well-known in the Wilson area for hosting the perfect date night when trying to impress that special someone. Varee offers delicious Asian-inspired dishes in a delightful setting.

Varee is not your average strip mall restaurant. Their high-end decor and quality ingredients give off a 5-star vibe.

I love their pad thai. I usually mix in beef or chicken, and it is exquisite. I’ve found that right pad thai is tough to find in North Carolina, but Varee does it right.

Quality ingredients go far, and you can especially taste this in Varee’s food. Whether dining here for brunch, lunch or dinner, I’m sure you will find a dish you like and be pleased.

4. The Beefmastor Inn

A perfectly cooked ribeye steak and a baked potato. Is there anything better?

The Beefmastor Inn keeps it simple. Their menu consists of one entree, the Beefmastor Ribeye. The ribeye is served with a baked potato and a slice of freshly baked bread. Diners are also able to make a salad from the salad bar.

When you dine at Beefmastor Inn, your server will bring our a massive ribeye for you to choose how big of a steak you’d like. From there, they cut the meat to your correct ounce-age and proceed to grill to perfection.

Beefmastor Inn shows if you can do one thing right, you can have a very successful business. The lengthy wait time to be seated backs up this restaurant’s excellent reputation.

5. Brewmasters

There is no doubt, and once you have their sandwiches or pizza, you’ll agree Brewmaster’s food is pretty amazing.

The signature sandwich, “The Wilsonian,” is as ‘Wilson’ as it gets. They use only use the best Boar’s Head meats and cheeses and they pride themselves on their craft sandwiches.

Those sandwiches can only be bettered by the delicious personal, and wood-fired pizzas. To say these things are tasty is an understatement.

This is not some high-end, razzle-dazzle restaurant, but a down-to-earth family-oriented restaurant that prides itself on delicious food and exceptional customer experiences.

The food is not the only perk. Brewmasters is home to Wilson’s most extensive beer selection with over 1,000 craft beers on the shelves and a couple dozen on tap.

Brewmasters’ laid back vibe, quality food, excellent beer, and fantastic customer service makes Brewmasters a must visit when you are in town.

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228 Goldsboro Street, Wilson, NC, USA


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228 Goldsboro Street, Wilson, NC, USA


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